Ipswich Museum Conservation Record

Conservation Number: 4292

Identity Number: 1948.214.62

Simple Name: Pickelhaub

Brief description: Spiked Metal German helmet , World War One

Materials: Steel, brass Leather interior.

Condition: Plate lifting from helmet. Old polish, dirty, chin strap missing. Parts of brass trim missing


Contact: curator

Action Requested: Clean

Reason for Work: WW1 exhibition

Previous Treatment Unknown


Helmet plate attached with a modern wooden stick.

Stick removed and plate removed. Brass cleaned with Solvol Autosol and 000 wire wool. Polish removed with white spirit on cotton wool.

Cockade on proper left side loose. Removed and cleaned

Helmet coated in a lacquer. Not cleaned with Solvol. Cleaned only with white spirit and a smoke sponge.

Cockade re-attached using Paraloid B67 and glass bead

Whole coated with Microcrystalline wax and buffed.

Plate carefully moulded to shape of helmet.

Helmet plate re-attached with Plastazote.


Date Received: 22/5/2014

Conservator: Robert Entwistle and volunteer.

Recorder: RE

Date: 17/6/2014

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