Items of interest – From time to time an item from one of the museums will be published here. It may be images and descriptive text or it may be a conservation record.

Conservation of a Mauser Rifle

Ipswich Museum Conservation Record Simple Name: Rifle             Classified Name: Brief description: Mauser Gewer 98 Rifle  Stamped 1917 Materials: Wood and metal. Condition: Dirty and wood dry, corroded Dimensions:   L 125cms x  H 14 x W 9.5cms Conservation Number: 4289 Identity Number:  1948.214.108 Action Requested:   Clean Reason for Work: Display Previous Treatment Unknown Treatment Cleaned…


Conservation of German Pickelhaub helmet

Ipswich Museum Conservation Record Conservation Number: 4292 Identity Number: 1948.214.62 Simple Name: Pickelhaub Brief description: Spiked Metal German helmet , World War One Materials: Steel, brass Leather interior. Condition: Plate lifting from helmet. Old polish, dirty, chin strap missing. Parts of brass trim missing Request Contact: curator Action Requested: Clean Reason for Work: WW1 exhibition…