Ipswich Museum Conservation Record

Simple Name: Rifle             Classified Name:

Brief description: Mauser Gewer 98 Rifle  Stamped 1917

Materials: Wood and metal.

Condition: Dirty and wood dry, corroded

Dimensions:   L 125cms x  H 14 x W 9.5cms

Conservation Number: 4289

Identity Number:  1948.214.108

Action Requested:   Clean

Reason for Work: Display

Previous Treatment Unknown


Cleaned with white spirit. Mechanism freed. Wood treated with linseed oil. Mechanism and barrel cleaned with “3 In 1 Oil” on 0000 wire wool, and polished with renaissance wax. Wiped clean with a lint free cloth.


Date Received:         15/4/14

Conservator: Intern and Robert Entwistle ACR

Recorder: RE

Date: 17/6/2014

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